Are You Getting the most from your Web Site?

How much traffic does your web site get? How much business does it generate?

Your business web site has one function - to sell your products or services.

Look after it, and it will look after you!

Do you realise that

Over 70% of business web sites are out of date!!

"there's never time to make the changes"

but that's not a problem

because most of them don't get seen by potential customers!!


A high proportion of Business to Business and Business to Consumer web sites have not been optimised to promote the main product or service keywords. So they do not rank well with the major search engines and therefore rarely get found.

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You can spend £1,000's of pounds on your web site, but if you don't put the 'poster in the window' you won't get visitors which means that you won't make money!

You may have the best product in the world, but if you don't market it well, you won't sell it well!

We could say it another hundred ways but ......

Basic Promotion = Money

Your website needs to be optimised for the search engines. This search engine optimisation (SEO) will ensure that your site pages are perfectly optimised for keyword phrases that matter in your business.

Your website needs to be promoted to increase it's visibility across the web. This process of search engine promotion (SEP) increases the number of web pages across the Internet that point to your web page. Thus increasing the authority of your web page in Googles eyes.

How good is your site?

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The Solution

Webease can provide you with a complete package of work to ensure that you get some measurable return from your web site investment.

This can cover:-

  • website development
  • website modifications to your existing site to provide a search engine friendly platform
  • website optimisation
  • ongoing website promotion
  • ongoing website maintenance.

For a fixed monthly fee (to suit your budget) we will provide a package of work to promote your site and enable you to see a return from your investment.

Or, we can act as a consultant working along side your web designer to ensure that your site meets the requirements for good search engine placement.

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